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Our Beginnings:  In 2008 our newly formed RYHF leadership team carried out extensive research throughout Liberia to assess the status of advanced educational opportunities in the post-war nation. These efforts led to identification of careers in short supply and most critical for rebuilding infrastructure and addressing the health and well-being of the people.  With this information, our mission was born.

In carefully selected partner universities across Liberia, we fund ambitious, talented, financially challenged young adults to pursue big dreams for their future and service to their country.  We seek ongoing input from the National Commission on Higher Education and the Ministry of Education to ensure our sponsored fields of study align with the evolving needs of the country.  We rally around our students during their difficult times and celebrate their successes.  We are more than a scholarship program, we are the RYHF “Family”.

Our Vision:

That opportunity will be available for every eligible Liberian student who wishes to fulfill their dream of attending college and serving their country through their chosen career.

What we look for:

Students with significant financial hardship, whose perseverance, academic strength, and community service background reflect a strong commitment to education and their country. Applicant must have earned a 3.0 GPA or higher in most recent educational program.

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Cuttington University


Mother Patern college of health sciences

stella maris polytechnic

University of Liberia



Nimba Community College

Licosess Teachers Training college

African Methodist Episcopal University

United Methodist University

Bomi County
community College


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