Compassion Projects

A-Z Health Center

Jawajeh Town

Bomi County, Liberia

Every now and then someone with a BIG vision and extraordinary talent crosses our path.  In 2012 it was a Cuttington University Nursing School graduate, Mr. Alexander Jackson.

Alexander saw a need deep in the tropical, war-beaten “bush” of rural Bomi County.  Over 5,000 men, women, and their families were scattered between 23 villages, living in extreme poverty and without access to health care within walking distance.  Without electricity and many areas inaccessible by car, maternal complications, pediatric illnesses, and health emergencies too often led to untimely deaths.

As a graduate of RYHF, Alexander appealed to Raise Your Hand Foundation to help him launch a critically needed health center in the region.  He began establishing relationships and building trust with the village elders, leading to his launch of A-Z Health Clinic in a borrowed home in Jawajeh Town, in 2016.

From the day A-Z Health Clinic launched, Raise Your Hand Foundation has sponsored staff training and health education programs. Adopted as one of two RYHF “Compassion Projects”, in 2021 we further increased our commitment, rallying around Mr. Jackson’s mission to construct a NEW, state-of-the-art A-Z Health Care Center, designed to expand quality health care – and save lives – in the region. Construction was launched August 3, 2021 and to date, the exteriors and fresh water well are complete and fundraising is ongoing to complete the interiors.  Health care services continue in the original building until the work is completed and A-Z Health Center is ready for operation.

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