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Our Mission:

In Liberia, West Africa, fourteen years of civil war devastated infrastructure and resulted in a critical loss of educated professionals needed for rebuilding. We are helping change that.


Changing Lives, Strengthening a Nation …  One University Scholarship at a time.

Our Story:  Liberia’s civil war displaced over 800,000 people, internally and abroad. In 2006 at Buduburam Refugee Settlement in Ghana, RYHF Founder Shelley Spurlock met hundreds of Liberian young adults who expressed a deep desire to return to their homeland to help in the post-war rebuilding process. Inspired by their courage and commitment and working with a clear and specific need, a cross-continental team was assembled and a year later, Raise Your Hand Foundation was launched. To date we have provided over 650 Liberian young adults with the opportunity to attend college in pursuit of careers critically needed in their country. Our sustainable mission is a win/win for all – the students, their families, and a nation that benefits from their valuable skills and service.

I am often asked, “Why Liberia?”

Why Liberia?  In a world overwhelmed with need, why has Raise Your Hand Foundation chosen to work in Liberia?

The answer is in the young adults of Liberia.  They dream to make a difference in their nation, work hard to accomplish their goals, and show us the power of grace and great courage in the face of real challenge.  We are a team, the RYHF “family” – students, university partners, volunteers, and donors – working together with common goals and camaraderie across the continents.  We invite you to join us and when you do, it won’t be long before you can answer “WHY LIBERIA?” for yourself.

There is nothing like a smile on the face of someone living with hope in an environment of monumental obstacles. It is radiant and humbling. And that spirit, in turn, gives us hope.

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Raise Your Hand Foundation (RYHF) is USA registered  501(c) (3) not for profit organization working in Liberia (West Africa) alongside trustworthy, accountable community leaders and nongovernmental organizations to accomplish our mission.  On the American side, we are all-volunteer and our minimal overhead costs are paid by our dedicated Board of Directors, guaranteeing  100% of donations are used to fund our academic and scholarship programs.  Donations are tax exempt and will be acknowledged.  Raise Your Hand Foundation (RYHF) maintains complete discretion and control over the use of all donations and we do not provide funds to government organizations.  


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