A-Z Health Center:  A COMPASSION Project of Raise Your Hand Foundation

A-Z Health Center:  A COMPASSION Project of Raise Your Hand Foundation

In 2021 we ventured into a new and exciting undertaking.  RYHF is building a NEW, state-of-the-art health center deep in the “bush” of Bomi County, Liberia.  It will be the first of it’s kind health facility within walking distance for 5,000+ families.  

The original (and current) A-Z Health Clinic was founded in Jawajeh in 2016 by RYHF graduate, Mr. Alexander Jackson, BSN/RN.  Even with scarce few resources and limited staffing, Alexander and his team have become recognized for their region-wide impact in controlling COVID spread, reducing maternal and infant mortality, and for timely medical interventions with patients only accessible by motorbike.  

Alexander showed what he is made of – vision, talent, diplomacy, and perseverance.  RYHF decided to partner with him to grow the capacity and quality of health care in one of the poorest counties in Liberia.  As one of our two RYHF Compassion Projects, we are all in.  

Our NEW (and renamed) A-Z Health Center is fully completed on the outside, and fundraising and construction of the inside is underway.  We are simultaneously dedicated to building the Center’s professional team, with 5 new nurses, a laboratory technician, and Physician Assistant on our scholarship roster.  These young men and women have all signed agreements to volunteer at the clinic throughout their education on weekends and during breaks.  They all commit to at least 2 years as working professionals upon completion of their degrees.  And this is just the beginning…

To follow our progress and/or to donate, please check back periodically on our website or Raise Your Hand Foundation Facebook page