Special Recognitions

To all of our awesome volunteers who make RYHF possible – THANK YOU!


Graphic Arts

Kate Pitner

Sarah Spurlock

Victor Garnett

Kylie Ures


Agnes Garley

Leviticus Whamah

Merdwin Vaye

Website Design and Maintenance
Kate Pitner


Video Production
Mark Pitner


Special Music

Jeff Spurlock


Special Projects
Candace Smith

Big Day of Giving Coordinator
Ann Downton


RYHF Scholarship Review Committee
Lisa Henriksen

Jodie Barnett

Joe Richards

Jeff Spurlock

Bill Windle

Janet Caplin

Cathleen Harter


To our partners who support, encourage, and inspire us


Gerold Dermid and the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), School of Community Health 

Don Ring and the Lions Club, Folsom Project for the Visually Impaired

Bill Windle and the Knights of Columbus (St. Joseph, Lincoln, CA)

Dress A Girl Around The World, Northern California

Dress A Dude Ministries

Days For Girls