When Raise Your Hand Foundation welcomes a new student to our roster, we do everything we can to support their well-being and academic journey.  These young men and women are not just scholarship recipients to us, they are RYHF Family.  Most scholarship programs are unforgiving and drop students when grades fall below a stated GPA.  When one of our students drops below a 3.0, we begin asking questions.  And the answer is often found in a crisis situation that has negatively impacted the student – displacement, lack of transportation, hunger, or health issues.  

Project REACH is a special fund that carries our RYHF Family members through such unanticipated times of challenge and sets them solidly back on track to pursue a life of health, stability, and contribution.  

Our goal for Big Day of Giving 2022:  $10,000 to replenish our REACH account to meet these needs in the months ahead.  This year EVERY dollar raised up to $10,000 will be matched 1:1.  Please give generously!