Our nursing coalition’s RYHF COVID-19 Response Network public group is CONCERNED.   The President of Liberia has extended the State of Emergency through July 21, 2020 due to the steady and dramatic increase in cases recorded in the last few weeks. 

The Network, led by RYHF Family member Morris S. Fayiah, shares daily important COVID-19 information from researched, reliable sources.  There is MUCH misinformation about Coronavirus on social media, including a belief that COVID-19 is either not real or not as big of a problem as the health officials say it is.  The health professionals in the RYHF Family and throughout Liberia would tell you that Coronavirus – and the suffering when someone contracts it – is VERY real.   We need to listen to them.

Liberia’s health system is not equipped to handle a significant rise in COVID-19 related hospitalizations.  Let’s ALL do our parts to prevent this from being necessary.  Join the RYHF COVID-19 Response Network today, share the posts with your friends, follow the guidelines. Let’s STOP COVID-19 in Liberia. 

A added note of thanks and appreciation to our RYHF Partners at Light Academy Model School, Liberia and Harvest Christian Church who are bringing food to communities seriously suffering from hunger during this time of COVID-19 government lockdown.