Today is the day – Big Day of Giving!  Donors from around the Sacramento region are all giving to their favorite charities and, with appreciation and excitement, we are again beneficiaries of this special fundraising opportunity.  

Our 2018 goal:  To fund 60 new teachers through certification and training programs.

There is a critical shortage of teachers in Liberia and according to Liberia’s Ministry of Education (MoE), an estimated 500,000+ children are not in school.  The MoE has a lot of work ahead of them and we are coming alongside them to train current teachers to minimum government standards (and beyond), bring new teachers into the field, and ensure administrators are comprehensively educated to lead this effort “on the ground”.  

Sixty teachers = approximately 4,000 schoolchildren impacted.  Thats 4,000 new schoolchildren learning, laughing with friends, and living with hope.  Thats 60 Liberian adults with professional training and purpose, the ability to support their families, and a bright future as they contribute to the rebuilding and strengthening of their post-war nation.  

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